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I respect bees more than I respect white men in positions of power








I don’t think that Hook giving up his ship was the biggest sacrifice made in 3b. I understand that a ship is the symbol of who he was, and his home for hundreds of years. However, I think that Charming sacrificing his heart is way more of a sacrifice than giving up a ship. When Hook gave up his ship, he still had potential to find Emma and be happy. Charming understood the fact that he would never see Snow, Emma, or his unborn child ever again.”

Neal sacrificed his life to save everyone. Rumple sacrificed his life to save his loved ones. Charming was willing to die to save his unborn child. I know that Hook giving up his ship was supposed to be a grand gesture, but when every other male lead on the show has literally died for the people they love, it does kind of make it look petty.

What stands out to me is that it wasn’t purely a selfless gesture.  Neal actually does die. Rumple gets brought back to life, but at the cost of Neal’s life.  Charming is saved by Snow and Regina, but fully expected to die.  Even other characters who have sacrificed something other than their life were doing it for selfless reasons.  For example, when Belle gave up her freedom to protect her people from the ogres, she believed she would spend her life as a servant to the Dark One and had no idea she would fall in love with him.  Hook gave up his ship specifically to get back to the woman he loves.  Yes, he was bringing her back to Storybrooke to break the new curse, but he knew that if his plan succeeded, he would be reunited with her and have another chance to win her affections.  It might be comparable with Snow wanting to stay in Neverland with Charming when they thought he wouldn’t be able to leave.  It’s certainly more than just a business transaction, a ship for a magic bean.  But when almost every single character has made a completely selfless sacrifice at some point, it kind of pales in comparison.

Hook’s motivations for trading his ship was more self-serving than the other forms of sacrifice, Even Regina  sacrificing her own happiness and revenge, for Henry and giving him and Emma new memories was done thinking that she would never get to see Henry again so she wanted to do what was best for him, and that meant removing her from his memories and replacing them with happy memories with Emma. by trading his ship he didn’t risk losing a part of himself, it was his home , but he could make a new home. He had more to gain then he had to lose. 

Yea, all of this. David, Neal, Regina and Rumple all were willing to sacrifice their lives and chances at happiness for someone else, knowing it would in no way benefit them. Hook sacrificed something of his, to get something else for himself. Even if he was helping Emma, and even if it was a sacrifice on his part, it’s not comparable to those that were willing to have nothing in return. He knew he wanted Emma more than his boat and made a choice because of it. It’s just not comparable. 

Hook doesn’t fit into the mold set by the main characters. He is from a very different story than the rest, and lived on that ship. The reason hook giving up his ship is a big deal is because he gave up his home. He left it behind, the place he and Mila were together, the place he was happiest. He threw away his ending, so he could have a new story.

But that’s the thing. You just said it. He did it for HIS own new life and story. He did it so HE would have something he wanted more. And I’m truly not saying it wasn’t a sacrifice and I’m not saying going for Emma was wrong by any means. But him making a sacrifice, no matter how big or small, when it was to his own personal benefit to do so, is not on the same level with those that sacrificed for another knowing it meant they LOST EVERYTHING themselves. In David, Neal, Regina and Rumple’s case, they were giving up their lives and happiness completely for someone else; Everything they had. Hook gave up one life for another HE WANTED MORE. HE benefited from his sacrifice but the others did not and knew they wouldn’t. That’s, in MY opinion, the difference.

Nolan Ross in 4.01 Renaissance

What goes around, comes around…





"I bet teaching Art is fun cause you don’t really have to do anything." My students’ daily agenda according to class. #arted

^This. I want to bring them all to work with me and show them…

yes this all this also i love the board niiiice might steal XD

^ This.


Alice in Wonderland and those bitchy flowers.

By Karl James Mountford.